Monday, October 09, 2006


The Hudson-Chatham Winery is the brain child of two erstwhile publishing executives, Carlo and Dominique DeVito. In early 2006 they bought a small farm, once part of a prestigious local dairy Brisklea Farms, owned by the Cooley family, on a prominent peak that came to be known as Cooley's Hill. The farm is currently undergoing much renovation. Fields were restored, crops planted, shrubs and orchards revived, and the large house, circa 1780, has undergone extensive work, redecorating and repair.

This website will tell the story of this couple, their two children, and three dogs, which is sometimes romantic, sometimes funny, and always fascinating.

We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did, and look forward to meeting you when we open sometime in Summer 2007.


The DeVito Family


Blogger rdc3 said...

I will enjoy revitalizeing my grandfathers old farm for years to come.

Ralph Cooley

7:30 PM  

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