Sunday, October 28, 2007


We took some time out last Sunday so the boys could carve their pumpkins. Ralph and I were in the middle of transferring wine and bottling and blending. I have to admit, we both thought it an interruption. We did it at my wife's insistence. We grumbled. It made a frightful mess in front of the winery. But I have to admit, now, that the visitors thought it a delight as the boys argued about how contorted their pumpkins' smiles should be. In the end the pumpkins were quite fun and the episode itself was a reminder, at least for me, of how we get so caught up in the process that we forget to enjoy the little moments. Ralph and I finished an hour later than we should have. But the boys were thrilled with experiencing their yearly autumnal rite of passage. When it comes to being a mother, my wife is very good.

To me there is nothing so beautiful, there is nothing so breathtaking, as the fall. Especially up here in the Hudson River Valley, so near Massachusetts and Vermont. The fiery reds, the bright oranges, the golden yellows, are like a painting. And finally, the last few mornings, the cool, crisp air has finally arrived. The holidays are coming. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, to Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years and the like. I personally love it. A time for thanks A time of reflection.

Then again, no matter the time of year, there is always something to do on the farm.

Best of all about the fall though, I remember taking long walks in the woods with my father, who lives down in New Jersey. We would take a dog, and walk the woods, the fields, around our house, before the developments took over central Jersey. We would talk, and sometimes not. But we would drive the back roads and see the foliage and admire it together. I will call him this morning and we will talk, and I will look out over the farm, and remember our walks together. And then maybe I'll go walk with my two guys for a little it, an see if I can interest them some leaf peeping.


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