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from My Mini-Vacation in the Hudson Valley August 14, 2008

...In between morning and afternoon milkings, we went to the nearby Hudson - Chatham Winery for a wonderful round of wine tasting. They have a wonderful blog you should visit. The hostess was VERY generous with her pours, but they had some great wine, including a lovely award winning Merlot (I generally hate Merlot), a great blush and a tasty raspberry port.

In addition to the wines, they had a great selection of maple and fruit syrups and locally made cheeses. I fell in love with this Camembert from Hudson Valley Sheephearding Company made with sheep and cows milk. Come to find out, it's even sold by Dean and Deluca, a sure mark of quality! I left with 5 bottles of wine, a round of cheese, a tasting glass and a big ole grin! (So far the camembert was melted down over a fresh spinach open faced sandwich, washed down with Merlot - pictured below).

We thank her for her kind words, and we do encourage you to read her's delicious!


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