Sunday, May 17, 2009


The day was at hand once again. It was time to plant another vineyard. But this time we were much better prepared. We weren't plating as many vines, and it was all done within one day. And we were all thrilled. Dominique and the boys were able to handle the job!

Block three will be primarily Baco Noir, about 500 plants. We marked out the new vineyard using long lines of twine and stakes, stringing out three rows at a time. We had to leave enough space for where the posts would go, and we neeeded to leave enough of a lane so trucks and tractors will be able to get through it in the future at harvest time, when this new vineyard will someday give us more of that fabulous wine we love so much.

After the holes are marked out, we have to drill them. Ralph had this nifty little machine which did a dandy job of putting in three foot deep holes We put the vines in tubs of water to soak over night.

Then we put them in their holes and make sure the crown is somewhere very near the ground. We do that so that when we hill-up in the fall for over-wintering (pile dirt high up over the crown to fight freeze damage), it's easier and the crown is more likely to survive.

It went much smoother this time than the first time. But it's still hard work.


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