Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, indeed, life does go on. In June, July and August, despite the horrific weather we’ve had this season, the plants revived, and the vines sprouted anew. This of course is normal for hybrids, which have second and third shoots. Hybrids became popular when vinifera, which do not have secondary or tertiary buds, died after such late frosts in the past.

The Seyval Blanc, located in the southern, or front block, has rebounded the best. The Golden Muscat have also rebounded well. The DeChaunac have rebounded with plant life, but have proffered few if any grapes. So we’ll have to wait until next year, and work with some other vineyards to buy in our red grapes. Same goes for Chancellor.

The third block, the new Baco Noir block, has grown very nicely. The first half of the planting has prospered. And the second group has done nicely, but are much younger plants, and are much smaller. And the weather hasn’t helped.

Regardless, there are hundreds and hundreds of bunches of grapes in the vineyards. If the weather would only improve, we might have a good, solid shot for a decent vintage.

One problem right now is spraying for downy mildew and for Japanese beetles. Downy mildew is a result of all the moisture that’s been hanging around in the air. The moisture causes a slight downy white film over the grape bunches. Japanese beetles require a spraying as well. This is our first year seeing downy mildew, but it is not our first year dealing with the dreaded beetle infestations.

Despite all of it, nature is a tragedy and a miracle all in one.


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