Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Mother Nature paid us a wicked visit over the weekend. All day Sunday we were pelted first with snow, which then turned into a massive down pour, which then resulted in flash floods from the combination of the rain and the still melting snow that had never gone away.

This last bout of rain also froze on everything as the temperature dropped suddenly. While the world looke beautiful, as if all of nature was coated in the finest crystal, the only problem was that the ice weighed heavilly on many local trees. As a result, the county experience lots of downed phone and power lines.

It looked beautiful, but it was deadly. We lost many tree limbs, and small creeks or babbling brooks suddenly ran through the property, we even had a small moat surround he tastingroom.

Well, I guess they don't have this in Napa! It truly was gorgeous!
p.s. Thanks to Natalka for the wonderful pix!


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