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We have only a small amount of Chelois 2009 we're releasing this year. It will be available this weekend, beginning this Friday, April 8, 2011.

Chelois /shell-wah/ Albert Seibel was born in Aubenas, France, in the Ardeche in 1844.

In the 1860s the Phylloxera plague cut European wine production by more than two-thirds. As the pest originated in the New World, crossing American stock with European Vitis vinifera varieties was one of the promising attempts to contain the disaster. The vines produced by this hybridization did not necessarily produce better wines, but did produce vine stock that could better survive Phylloxera attacks.

In 1895, he founded a school to teach grafting methods. Seibel and his company produced over 16,000 new hybrids, with nearly 500 varieties that were then grown commercially. He often used as a female parent the hybrid Jaeger 70, a cross between Vitis lincecumii and Vitis rupestris produced by Hermann Jaeger. Some of the most famous Seibel grapes are Aurore (Seibel 5279), Chancellor (Seibel 7053), Chelois (Seibel 10878), De Chaunac (Seibel 9549) and Vidal Blanc (Vidal 256).

He died in 1936.

The heritage of Chelois includes such vinifera as Alicante Bouschet and Grenache among others, was ultimately a cross of Seibel 5163 and Seibel 5593. For many years it was grown in Burgundy. Chelois wine has soft mature fruit, a medium bodied tannin structure, and an approachable acid profile that ages nicely for twenty years. Cherries, soft spice, and black pepper often come across. The final product produces a Burgundian-style red wine that ages extremely well, according to world renowned wine expert Hugh Johnson.

Hudson-Chatham Chelois Casscles Vineyard 2008 is a single vineyard block of 15-year old vines. Grown on the rocky hills just off the Hudson River. Hand grown. Hand picked. Manually pressed. Unfined. Unfiltered. Aged in French oak 9 months. Bottle aged six months.

This soft, dry red wine is a bright ruby wine, with lots of bright cherry, dried cherry, a touch of black pepper, and a hint of vanilla. Perfect with cheese, this wine is wonderful for roast chicken, roast pork, and pasta dishes.

It's only available in short supply!


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