Tuesday, January 17, 2012


For the first time ever, Wine Enthusiast magazine coordinated tasting
of some of the best wines of the Hudson Valley. The wines scored high
on the magazine’s 100-point scale, and proved that the Hudson Valley is
emerging region with wines that can compete in the international wine

The Hudson Valley is one of the oldest producing wine regions in the
United States, and New York State is the third overall producer of wine
in the U.S. But with the influx of new money, talent, and drive over
the last five years, the region is growing at a fast pace, and
producing a number of highly rated bright, flavorful whites, and soft,
approachable reds.

Wine Enthusiast editors tasted more than 20 Hudson Valley wines that
earned scores of 85-89 points consistently across seven producers. This
is the first major tasting of the region by any major news outlet, and
helps to establish the region as a producer of fine quality wines.
“We are thrilled with the results,” said Hudson Valley Wine Country
president Carlo DeVito. “The Hudson Valley is a great example of some
of the excellent wines New York state produces. Our passion and
commitment to making quality wines has been recognized. We think this
highlights what we’ve been doing here – the Hudson Valley is making
wines that can compete anywhere.”

The Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs, Cabernet Francs, and Baco Noirs all
scored very well, and highlight a region which produces wines that
showcase great food wines that are forward fruit, and feature bright
acids, medium-to-low tannins, and long finishes in a more European
tradition. Hudson Valley wines can be found all across the state, and
are featured in numerous stores and restaurants throughout the city.

Hudson-Chatham Wines scored:
87 Hudson-Chatham 2010 Casscles Vineyard Reserve Baco Noir $20.00
86 Hudson-Chatham 2010 Cabernet Franc New York $17.00
86 Hudson-Chatham 2010 Old Vines Baco Noir New York $22.00
86 Hudson-Chatham 2008 Empire Reserve Baco Noir New York $22.00
85 Hudson-Chatham 2009 Old Vines Masson Place Vineyard Pulteney Farm Baco $20.00

Congrats to our winemaker Steve Casscles and our crew at the winery!!

To find out more, all the scores are available on the magazine’s
website in their ratings area, and on other Hudson Valley websites such


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