Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gregoory Dal Piaz, Snooth.com Recommends You Try Something New...Like Us!!!

Taste something new and different
One of the grand pitfalls of wine tasting is finding a wine you like and then burrowing deeply into that variety or region to the exclusion of all others. Look, I get it it, you like that wine more than all the other wines you've tried. The thing is, there are all those other wines you haven't tried, and you'll never know what you think about those wines until you try them.
Drinking California Cabernet will someday get boring, no matter how great the California Cabernets you're drinking are. Be prepared for that day by knowing what other wines you like. Not only will you be able to easily switch things up for a change, which may actually prevent that day of getting bored with one of your favorite wines from coming, but there are so many lesser known wines out there that offer incredible value, so you'll probably even end up saving some money!


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