Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It is this time of year, just coming out of spring, when the farm seems its most beautiful. The plants are turning from their bright greens to their more mature colors, and the bushes thicken up with leaves and fruit. It is before the japanese beetles and the many diseases that migh plague us. It has been a good spring, and a nice summer so far, and their is reason to be guardedly optimistic.

The winter rye is high and beautiful. We grow it because we want to enrich the fields where we'll be planting vines in the future. But the rye itself is gorgreous. It is like a large pond of golden water, that washes this way and that when the breeze hits it. It is mezmerizing. It first rises tall and green and blue. And then it starts to turn golden.

The blueberry bushes are full, and the berries are starting to turn color. We recently planted more blueberry bushes, and will continue to add to our plantings. These will eventually go into our dessert wines and jams.

And the vineyards start to progress. They are alive, and begining to grow, and we are thrilled.


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