Sunday, September 09, 2007


So, Dominique and I decided we would do it. It was Ralph’s idea, but I had thought of it before, but didn’t dare say anything. It was perfect. We co-sponsored a car in the Columbia County Fair Demolition Derby in Chatham, New York. We would pay a fee, and the driver would run the car with our logo on the roof of the car. It sounded a little hokey, but what the heck. The Columbia County Fair is a big deal in our parts, and the musical acts included country star Lori Morgan and the Bacon Brothers (yes, six degrees of separation Kevin Bacon and brother) were also headlining. Fairly impressive.

The date arrived. It was Thursday, August 30th. Dominique was working at the winery, and I took our two boys and we went to the fair to watch the car.

After we parked, we went running over to the area where all the smash up derby cars were parked in neat rows. Ralph had told me that our car was pink. I was a little shocked. Pink? But in retrospect, it was a good idea - the car was easily found. It was a small little thing, with the headlights and all the glass ripped out. And the doors welded shut. We took pictures on pictures. Then we went to get something to eat ad then to the stands to get a good seat.

We ate poorly of course - that is to say we gorged ourselves on country fair fare - corn dogs, sausage and peppers, hamburgers, cotton candy, funnel cakes, zeppole, and other exotic treats Dominique would normally never let us eat. It was boys night out.

I was skeptical about going to a smash up derby. There’s more than a little Dukes of Hazzard to it. But, I am here to tell you that there is nothing more exciting than watching a smash-up derby. I am a convert. And I can’t wait until next year’s derby - we’re going to sponsor two!
Our driver, Dave Sheldon, did a great job, and he finished fifth out of forty. And we got the thrill of our lives.


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