Sunday, October 05, 2008


It's that time of year again. Ralph and Steve C. are hard at work, as are the rest of us, picking grapes, destemming, pressing and doing all that fun stuff. It's an exciting time of year, but it's also a little nerve wracking. The grapes don't always cooperate by developing the sugars at the same time each year. It's lots of phone calls back and forth trying to decide when's the right time to make the right call. So you have to watch them day-by-day, and then when they hit their peak, it's off to the races.

It's lots of hard work and late housrs.
And it's messy!
And backbreaking!

But in the end....

we have a lot of fun!


Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Okay, so the olde time-worn question, do yo stomp on those with your feet?

(Wine is good!)

Have fun.
Jannie from Blogger.

9:24 AM  
Blogger hudson-chathamwine said...

We defintely don't use our feet- especially mine...big...but not quite so food friendly.

We put them through a destemmer. We let the reds mascerate before we press; white get destemmed and then pressed directly.

So even with no feet (and hopefully no fingers or any other appendages) we do make fine wines at affordable prices.

But if we ever do need extra feet, we'll give you a shout out!



10:03 AM  

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