Saturday, January 24, 2009

This year very good friends of our will be opening up a new creamery in Columbia County, right here in Ghent NY, called Pampered Cow. They were just written up in the Chatham Courier by Lori Selden, President of Columbia County and CEO of Mexican Radio. The article appeared in the Thursday, January 22, 209 edition of the newspaper, page B3.

The operation is the brainchild of Matthew Scott, Dan Berman, and Doug Ginn. Matt and Doug have been real friends of our winery. And we are very proud of their efforts in starting this new creamery, and happy for them as friends. It's great for Ghent, it's great for Columbia County, and most of all it's great for everyone because the cheese will be phenomenal!

Matt is committed to doing something in the area, and being involved with local produce and farming. His brother-in-law is a cheesemaker who has worked at Sprout Creek and Hawthorne Valley, as well as pitched in to help Dante at Milk Thistle. Doug is an excellent cheesemaker, who also trained in farms throughout Italy. He's always playing with milk and making something exotic and wonderful.

The guys have been refurbishing Matt's old barn into a distribution center and a creamery. The sinks and cold storage fridges have been installed. The transformation is breathtaking. The cheese vat is in, the freezers are turned on, and they are painting. It's nice to see both the farm land surrounding their house be kept in agricultural use (Matt leases his farm lands to Hawthorne Valley) and to see the barn being saved.

You can go to their website to learn more about Pampered Cow, which also distributes a fair amount of chese as wll as is going to be making cheese. Their website is:
The guys have been really working hard to make things happen. And we're very excited to get the cheese, as we will certainly carry it when it comes out!

Congrats so far, and good luck with the rest

Best, Carlo, Dominique, Dylan and Dawson!


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