Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's that time of year again. Of course, the weather is lousy. It was only nice once during this show - about four or five years ago, when Dominique and I came together on a beautiful sunny day. Ever since then, it reminds me of Frankfurt in October - rainy, drizzling, cold.

But I am not here for the scenery nor the weather. I am here to taste wines and meet winemakers, owners, and industry professionals, and in this particularly interesting year, this show has never seemed more relevant.

I need to talk with suppliers. I need to increase quantities of their products but get better pricing. I need to find equipment and terms.

And of course, I need to listen to what the guest speakers have to say. It's like going to school for a little while.

I signed in, and picked up my badge, my three ringed binder, and my schedule. School begins around 5pm tonight. Dinner with a few winemakers, followed by a tasting. Sounds glam, but we're going to talk shop, and hopefully I will shut up and pick-up a few tips.


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