Friday, July 03, 2009


Sweet Dreams, Mr. Soup

After a rainy day that included chewing an entire peanut butter-basted rawhide bone (treat of treats!) and being hugged and petted and kissed by all of us over and over, it was time to let Chief go. After many months of struggling with a backside that wouldn’t cooperate, we knew we couldn’t let him suffer any more. So Chief De Vito – Sir Smoochee, Mr. Soup, My Main Man – is now over the Rainbow Bridge.
Chief came to us at age 7, and we were blessed with every day of the 6 years we shared together. Chief gave and gave and gave and gave some more. He was the epitome of lovable. It was a hard-hearted person who wouldn’t be seduced by his joyfulness when he was around. Of course, he also asked. And asked, and asked some more (where food was involved he would not give up). We love you, Chief. You will never be forgotten.

- Dominique DeVito

Chief, Have a good time in Heaven - Dawson DeVito


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