Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Pretty soon harvest will be here and we have to be ready. Along with increased quantity of wine comes the need for a proper place to hold our crush other than the backyard between our house and the tasting/blending room.

So, we cleared out the land behind the barn so the grape trucks could pull up right alongside the crusher/destemmer and clean-up would be a snap. A nice, even, level crush pad. It's not the buggest crush pad you ever saw, but it works.

The grade behind the barn is awful, and the run off water from the hill behind the barn causes a small white water stream between our house and the cars and trucks parked in the front parking area for us and the other winery folks. Ralph is trying his best to create a new pathway and a high level of course rocks, to disperse the run off in bad rain storms and floods.

There's plenty of room now for when the multiple tons os of grapes wil be harvested in another month or two.


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