Friday, May 28, 2010


Claret derives from the French clairet (pronounced /klar-it/), a now uncommon dark rosé and the most common wine exported from Bordeaux until the 18th century. The standard style of Bordeaux wine has not always been deep red. It used to be closer to a rosé, hence the French clairet, meaning pale. The Plantagenet kingdom, covering England and much of France from 1152 to 1453, encouraged wine trade between the regions. As the taste for clairet developed in England "claret" was adopted to describe it. The meaning of "claret" has changed over time to refer to a dry, dark red Bordeaux.

Claret No. 1 is the debut of our much anticipated first Cabernet Sauvignon based wine from Hudson-Chatham Winery. In the best tradition of Assemblage wines, this is a blend of handmade wines. Unfiltered. Unfined. This wine is 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Merlot, and 33% a blend of estate grown hybrids. All are of the 2008 vintage, and were made separately. They were then blended by hand, and set in French oak.

The result is an incredibly supple wine, with strong dark fruit flavors of stewed prunes, dark raspberries, and dark cherry. Whisps of mocha and chocolate are also there. The acids of the hybrids, and the tannin of the Cabernet and Merlot balance out the wine nicely, for an incredible wine experience.

Claret No. 1 is a one of a kind wine, made in an extremely small quantity, and only available when you join the Hudson-Chatham Wine Club.


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