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June 19
All-Local BBQ - and Doug Marcus!

On Saturday, June 19, the Hudson-Chatham Winery will be hosting an all-local BBQ as a Father's Day preview/kick-off. Join us for sliders made with grass-fed beef from Kinderhook Farm topped with your choice of locally produced toppings including ketchup, mustard, chutneys, and mole sauce. We will also be grilling delicious chorizo and lamb sausage prepared by Swoon Kitchenbar in Hudson. Make a salad with just-picked greens from Holmquest Farm. Enjoy your BBQ before or after a wine tasting, or purchase a glass to have with your food. All food and beverage choices are à la carte, and there is no admission fee. To add to the festivities, Doug Marcus will be performing. Doug is an amazing singer/songwriter/bass player who wowed the crowd at the winery last fall. We are delighted to have him back. The event runs from 12 noon to 5 pm.

If you want to give Dad the gift of wine, read the article "Manly Wines for Dad" at the end of this newsletter.

Dog Day at the Winery - June 26

All of us at the winery are "dog people" - we love our dogs, and we love when people visit with their dogs. We decided it would be great fun to have a special event where dogs rule the winery - and to support local organizations that help dogs in need. Presenting Dog Day at the Winery 2010!

The day includes these fun classes:
Dog-Owner Lookalike Contest
Cutest Dog Contest
Most Talented Dog Contest
Judges are Annie Brody from Camp Unleashed, Elaine from Dogs of Hudson, and Colleen Safford of Walk-n-Train. There will be prizes for the top three finishers in each class. Classes will be held at 1 pm, 2 pm and 3 pm; the order of classes will be posted on our website the week before the event. There will also be experts on hand to discuss canine nutrition, training and behavior challenges, and common health issues. At 4 pm there will be a Fido & Family Parade around the winery. There will be lots of fresh water and shade for everyone's comfort.

We welcome everyone to bring their dogs large and small, but we ask that you bring your own bags for waste disposal and clean up after your dog(s), and we trust that only well-behaved dogs will join their families at this event. Thank you!

A percentage of the day's proceeds will benefit these local organizations:
Peppertree Rescue based in Albany, NY
K9 Adopt of the Capital Region

Manly Wines for Dads A guide to choosing the best wine for Father's Day celebrations. (The following is excerpted from Suite101: Wines for Father's Day.

"It's easy to ascribe gender to wines. Who would think of Petite Sirah as anything but a masculine wine, with its thick muscular texture and rich, no-nonsense taste. Viognier, on the other hand, is as feminine as wines ever get, with grace, delicacy, seduction, and great complexity. Roussanne (does that sound like a woman's name?) is even made in a dessert style, adding sweetness to the mix. Men generally dislike being considered sweet unless they happen to be liberated from the stereotypes of masculinity. So leave the sweet wines off Dad's list unless he happens to be a lover of Port. Port is the most masculine of sweet wines; vintage Ports possess a backbone of tannin which manly men find reassuring. Plus, they taste especially good with dark chocolate, a well-known manly fave.

More Father's Day Wine Suggestions
Men have evolved in honoring the age-old practice of animal sacrifice by espousing the barbecue. Sacrificial lambs are a common feature of modern Father's Day celebrations, as are pigs and cows. Cows never featured prominently in ancient sacrificial rituals because they were too heavy to lift up to the altars. But as luck and the progress of viniculture would have it, all these animals respond well to today's masculine red wines. Zinfandel is considered de rigueur for barbecued meats. But that's simplistic. Zins are usually a little soft and very fruity compared to other manly wines. More masculine options would look to a full-bodied Syrah or a delicious Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Many "Meritage" wines fill the bill quite nicely too. Since barbecues involve smoke (liquid or real), wines with a smoky aspect are especially suitable. Look for "smoky" in wine reviews. But not a smoky white. Those wines are reminiscent of feminism gone astray. We'll leave those wines for the gals' night out at the wine bar."

Hudson-Chatham Winery suggests our Hudson River Valley Red as the perfect Zin alternative to complement the barbequed burgers and sausages. If your man is liberated from the stereotypes of masculinity, we would also suggest the light and satisfying Ghent Blush or Lindenwald White to pair with smoky bbq. The sparkling Pomme Bulle is like crisp apple beer for guys who like yeasty bubbles, and there's always port (we call them rubys).


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