Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Now, I will begin by saying that I am not an expert, but that in recent years I have learned more about the art of waxing than I had in previous. As a young man, and then later as a husband, I had not had the opportunity or need to wax. So up until recently, I knew little about the procedure. However, these days I am a wax man, and proud of it.

People have different things they either like or don’t like about waxing. Certainly, the smooth, sexy baldness of waxing is very erotic. The glossiness of the skin. The way it feels under your fingers. The absolutely tingly feeling one gets when they touch it for the first time. Let’s be honest, there is nothing like the first time you experience wax.

Of course, the extremely pleasure has its down sides as well. There is nothing tougher than removing wax. It can be downright painful, and doesn’t quite seem so sexy when you have to peel it off.

I can’t lie. I am into wax. There is nothing sexier than wax. I prefer to do my waxing alone. I know some people like to have company. But I prefer to do it when no one else is around, you else you lose concentration. I find I have a better experience when I am alone. Ironically, there’s nothing I like to show off more than when I am done. I’m very proud of my technique, and love to show it off to anyone who wants to see it.

But here are a few things I have learned about waxing:

1. You must let all the wax melt completely. You can’t do it properly when the wax is still lumpy.

2. Beads suck. They melt faster, but the quality is not as good.

3. You have to buy the big, brick size block of it. And it has to be rock hard.

4. Break the wax up into chunks.

5. Never use direct heat. Place the chunks into an old coffee can – large preferably. Always use a double boiler method. Don;t use small things like coffee mugs like I did the first time. Too much time refilling the mug and waiting for it to melt. This makes the process painfully long.

6. Always buy a cheap pan to melt the wax in. Because basically the wax will ruin the pan. Buy a cheap one at the dollar store.

7. A glossy red wax is simply the sexiest. Hands down. The French taught us that, and we have to be honest with ourselves….it simply looks best.

8. It’s important to develop your technique so you get good, clean lines on your coverage. Nothing worse than a sloppy job. It looks terrible, and you don’t
want to have to apply twice. Nothing hurts more than trying to apply it twice.

9. Give the wax time to cool are harden. There is nothing more tempting than to want to touch the covered area. You cannot touch! Wait for it to cool, no matter how much you want to touch. It’s both painful and exhilarating…the patient, experienced waxer knows this.

10. The first time you wax, you will mistakes. People will laugh, and you will feel ashamed. But in the end, every botches something their first time.

11. Hot wax burns. Feel the burn. Love the burn.

12. There is never a prouder moment when you’ve done it right. You will want to show everyone!

Hope these tips were helpful!!!


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