Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bread and Cheese Event, November 17, 2012



Indulge in Select Artisanal Cheeses
of the Hudson Valley from These Exceptional Creameries
Sprout Creek Farm's cheeses are made from the nutritious and creamy (antibiotic and hormone free) milk of small herds of cows and goats that roam the pastures eating what they're supposed to eat - grass. This milk is nutrient rich, low in cholesterol, high in Omega 3s, and still retains proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary for good health. From the much-loved pastured animals to the cheeses lovingly crafted and aged, you are sure to "Taste the Difference a Little Grass Makes".
The Creamery at Twin Maple Farm focuses on producing Hudson Red, a washed rind, raw jersey cow milk cheese which is sold nationally at top restaurants and specialty food stores. It recently won a Gold medal at the North American Jersey Cattle Association competition. All milk used for the cheeses comes from small, local, family-run farms that use no artificial hormones or antibiotics.
Coach Farm remains faithful to the traditional methods of the French farmstead cheesemaker, turning out authentic, artisanal goat cheeses that were once found only in the remote villages of France. Coach Farm has over 900 French Alpine dairy goats, born and raised on our farm. The small, white-tiled creamery where we make our cheeses connects directly to the milking parlor. These cheeses, both fresh and aged, are premium cheeses served in many of New York's three and four-star restaurants, a number of whom identify them by name on their menus.
Savor Some of the Best
Baked Goods Ever!
The folks at Bonfiglio & Bread in Hudson, NY, make breads and pastries that are truly inspired. Always fresh, always amazing, once you try Chef Gaby's breads, you will be hard-pressed to find anything comparable.
Taste the Newly Released
2011 Baco Noir Reserve
Casscles Vineyard
Just in time for Thanksgiving, we are so proud to release the 2011 Baco Noir Reserve. This is the wine that inspired our passion for Baco. Made with the fruit from Steve Casscles' 16-year-old Baco vines in Athens, NY, this wine is light-bodied but multi-layered, rich with hints of bright cherry, blackberry, vanilla, and even some almond. The 2010 vintage was the only Hudson Valley wine to win a Double Gold Medal at this year's NY State Fair Wine Competition.


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