Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Weekend in the Life of a Winery

So what's it like to work at a winery during the harvest season? This time of year is kinda crazy. We have wine festivals galore in the Hudson Valley. And of course, it's harvest time!

Here are Rich and Bryan preparing for the onslaught at the Goold's Orchard Apple Festival in the wine tent. Columbus Day weekend is a busy time. The folks come from all around to see the foliage, pick apples, an taste wine. The Good Apple Fest is one of the oldest and largest in the capital region.

Bryan shows off a bee sting on his knee from pressing grapes the previous day. Bryan is a gamer!

Saturday was a crazy day at the festival.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, we had a full day at the tastingroom!
Early Sunday morning we loaded 50 lugs of Pinot Noir into the back of the truck at 8am and then brought them back to the winery where we pressed the grapes and make the wine!

With the Pinot Noir put to bed that morning, by Noon we're back at the second day of the apple fest! More and more people showed up. It was crazy Sunday too! And of course, our tastingroom was busy again as well!

Lot's of happy customers and festival goers!!!


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