Saturday, May 17, 2014

A New Day at North Creek Vineyard!

North Creek Vineyard is the estate vineyard of Hudson-Chatham Winery. It is so named because the front of if follows the North Creek which flows south right across the street from Block 1. In the past we have shared with you the planting of Blocks 1 & 2, our original vineyard, Block 3, the Baco Noir block, the first wine of which will be released this year.
This year we planted Block 4. And Block 4 is all Chelois! Chelois, like Baco Noir for us, before it, hass been in short supply across the state. Much more so than Baco Noir. It seems we're the only people crazy enough here to plant it. But that's what we do. We love playing with heirloom and obscure grapes.
Steven Kolpan from the Culinary Institute of America said on WAMC of our Chelois Casscles Vineyard, "If I were to taste this wine blind, I would tell you this is a Pinot Noir from Burgundy, France. And really a great food wine. So for me, the story here is unusual grape, very small amount of it produced, and a successful hybrid, which I think is rare." High raise indeed. And that's why we are doing this."

So Block 4 is Chelois from a well known Finger Lakes nursery. But while we were at it, we replanted half of Block 2 (we ripped out Chancellor which was not happy there) and planted more Chelois, this time with nursery plants from Steve Casscles vineyards. With the beige grow tubes on, it's ready to face the summer. Very exciting stuff!

In the meantime Block 3, Baco Noir, sprang to life this last week. Always an exciting time!!!!!


Blogger Steven M Giles said...

great pics Carlo and very exciting news about the Chelois! i need to take a month or two off, so i can get in the car and just drive north to visit so many NY State vineyards/wineries! thanks for sharing and all the best for a successful growing season!

7:56 AM  

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