Thursday, May 15, 2014

Another Busy Spring Season at Hudson-Chatham Winery

If it's spring, there's always something going on over at Hudson-Chatham Winery. Here's a picture of Mike putting mulch on our blueberry bushes. Our blueberries continue to be highly sought after, but this year we might be making something different with them....sorry folks! But still, very exciting!!!

So this year there are a number of big changes. They started with the barrel room, and now the vineyard is experiencing a huge upgrade. First, we got a new barn. Small though may it be, a new barn was just what the doctor ordered, for all our next equipment. Last year we got new netting, to increase the quantity and quality of our grapes (and keep them from beers and deer) and now we we have some company for the netting.

That blue thing off to the right is our new (new to US, any way) tractor. It's a compact, to fit up and down our rows, but it's a solid little beat with enough power to move earth and tow as sprayer. A sprayed is what we also got!!! Brand new! This will help with the ever increasing demand of the vineyard as its grows.
Here's some pictures of the barn as it gets put up!

Ralph Cooley III created the pad for the new barn, and oversaw it's construction. He looks pretty comfortable here...but the day before he was cursing and working with a two man crew getting the new pad ready!

NEXT? The NEW vineyard!!!


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