Wednesday, March 05, 2008


We're at Wineries Unlimited, which is the biggest industry trade show for winemakers east of the Rockies. Especially for rookies like Dominique and myself, attendance is a must.

The grand ballroom is ringed by large tables full of wine from as far as Maine to the Carolinas, from Ontario to Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee. Of course, there was a New York table. And we proudly (and nervously) set down our two offerings.

It really is an amazing experince. You're elbowing your way to the growded tasting bars with everyone from the industry, from bottle and barrel suppliers, to famous winemakers. It's kind of sureal. Everyone's in a good mood, chatting, gossiping, laughing, and most of all, tasting. It's very fun! We were very proud of our offerings, but I was thrilled to go and taste other folks wines as well.

OK. After some asprin, and some strong coffee, I am ready to hit the trade show floor.


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