Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As I described earlier, we were working hard in the off season. The most aggrivating and disheartening project as adding a handicap accessible path, and new stairs from the parking lot. Now, before anyone is offended, let me explain. Putting in a handicap accessible pathway is not a big deal and we're more than happy to do it - that is until it comes time to do actually do it.

We had found the spot closest to the winery and set out a marked path for the inspector's to approve. However, they said it was no good, and that we would have to regrade the property. In mid-March this seemed a bad idea, with the onset of rains and the up-coming winery re-opening. Also, the grading would have been maddening, since the ramp needs to have a foot of length for every inch it drops. The path would have had to zig-zag all through the front of the winery. Not something we especially wanted to do.

In the end, our architect, Bill Wallace, came up with a great solution. The handicap ramp was not abouit nearness, but a combination of drop, length, and proximity. He cleverly pointed out that the last parking spot in the parking lot was actually closer to the winery than the first we had originally designated. Also, the grade was less steep, and so required less excavation.

Needless to say, Ralph and I were releived after many days of pulling out our hair trying to make sense of all of the codes and applications. Once the parameters were set and agreed with the local building and zoning officers, Ralph finally went to work and set up a beautiful pathway, to state and local codes, and a new set of stairs from the parking lot. Great job, Ralph!

In the end it came out well, but Ralph and I lost about a 1/4 of our hairlines trying to work this one through.


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