Monday, June 16, 2008


So, we had been planning this Fathers Day Weekend for a while. Everyone at the winery was stressed out about it. Danni and Keri were great at helping with prepping the winery, and Danni and Dominique worked the farmers markets the night before and the morning of. John made sure the grounds were manicured, and Ralph helped prep the grounds and parking areas.

Grazin Acres Angus, the 4-H Club, and the Digits were the main attraction at our 2008 Father's Day event. Cars lined the winery drive as people sipped on wine, ate suasages, burgers, dogs and whatever else, and listened to the Digits play their exceptional brand of accoustic rock'n'roll.

Dan Gibson and his wife Susan grilled meat all day. Grazin' Angus Acres is committed to raising the finest quality registered Black Angus in a sustainable 800 acre eco-friendly environment. Our registered Black Angus enjoy the rolling lush hills of northern Columbia County, NY as they graze large pastures of high protein grasses. Grazin' is the first in the region ("The farm with the windmill") to harness the area's natural wind power for a large percentage of electrical needs and Grazin's grass fed chickens provide the farm's nitrogen needs in addition to the best eggs available. Furthering our eco-friendly efforts, Grazin's offerings are locally raised exclusively for our local NY market.

To boot, Dan brought a restored antique Chevrolet truck that was beautiful, and was a great thrill to our visitors.
Visit thier website at:

The 4-H Club was also a welcomed guest. They brought a calf, a goat, a lamb, chickens, and other animals. It was a wonderful petting zoo, and many children enjoyed their comapny. A great many thanks to the folks from 4-H.

Of course the day would have been incomplete without The Digits, posing here for the camera in the tastingroom. Their sound was awesome, and we hope to have them back for another visit beofre the end of the year. They have a great sense of humor and they are great entertainers. Many people complimented us on their performance. Great job guys! If you want to se where they are playing next, go to:


All in all, a great weekend at the winery! Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.


Blogger skip said...

What's a heep?

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Blogger hudson-chathamwine said...

Rule No. 1 of Blogging: Never, ever blog at 11:00 at night when you're falling asleep. Especially if you're a bad speller anyway.

I meant to write lamb, but attempted to write sheep and it ended up as "heep".

If "heep" was all you caught it's time to take a remedial reading course. I made more than ten spelling mistakes.

But thanks for reding our blog!!!

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Apparently, I shouldn't blog and watch the NBA Championship at the same time.

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And that's coming from the '67 metallic blue GMC in Hudson.

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Blogger hudson-chathamwine said...

post post script to Skip

Of course, I am joking. Thanks for your email and seriously, thanks for reading.

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