Sunday, June 01, 2008


Winter kill. Winter is a tough time for northeast vineyards, and this one just past was not the worst one. But between a few nights below zero and a herd of hungry deer, we had to buy new vines to replace the ones which hadn't made it. We ordered about 70 vines, which is approximately 7% loss over two years. Actually not too bad, considering.

Dominique worked the vineyard with the help of some local state approved farm larborers. The vines come wrapped in bundles inside large boxes, and need to be keep in a cool, moist place for no more than a week or two. Before planting, we have to soak them for 2-4 hours, get their roots working again, and then it's out to the vineyards, in big deep holes. It's hard, frustrating work. The rocky soil is difficult to dig into, especially since there's been little rain in Columbia County in May. And it's frustrating because most of the damage wan't winter kill - it was deer (which has been remedied by a large, electrified deer fence).

It was the first time that we'd had a real need to replace vines, and it was best to d it nw, sicne many of plants will need a trellis system in place before the end of the summer. So its easier to dig holes when there's no trellis in the way. But now the vineyard is starting to green up after a cool and gray May. Here's comes the sun.


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