Friday, May 30, 2008


Danielle Palleshi of Chatham has been an invaluable help to us. She and her husband Peter have a small vineyard in Kinderhook. There's about 150 or so plants. Danielle and Peter have asked us to take over management of their vineyard, Old Kinderhook Vineyard, even while they themselves have remained very much involved. This fall, we'll make the first wine from this established vineyard.

These are pictures of Steve Casscles, our consultant winemaker, pruning the vineyard this spring. Pruning is a very ugly event, in which we take most of the previous year's growth, and cut it off. Expereinced vineyard workers and winemakers know where to cut. Most of the plant will grow back. The idea is that you do not want too much growth. You want the plant to focus on making fewer, better berries. Pruning helps accomplish this.

This new venture with Danielle and Peter serves two purposes to us: 1. The more winemakers we know the more we hear, "The wine in made in the vineyard." Steve's cutting of the vines, and Dominique's management will help bring this vineyard into readiness for winemaking. And 2. We're very excited to bring this mature vineyard online, as we try more and more to reach out to local agriculture. Local is important to us.

Of course, the eciting part is that next year we'll have a locally made product to represent Kinderhook, and further connect ourselves with the local communities, which is also incredibly important to us.


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