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February 05, 2008
Hudson-Chatham Winery 2006 Seyval Blanc
by Lenndevours

Today I'd like to introduce you to a winery that you probably aren't familiar with, Hudson-Chatham Winery in town of Ghent New York's Hudson River Valley. It's one of the region's newest producers and one that I know that I find personally inspiring .

Why? Well, Nena and I talk all the time about moving to upstate New York, buying and old farm house, renovating it and making a home for our family there.

Carlo and Dominique DeVito, owners of Hudson-Chatham Winery have just that...and they've planted a small vineyard to boot. The grapes aren't quite ready for winemaking, but in another year or two, they will be.

I've known Carlo for several years now, predating the vineyard or winery, through his blog East Coast Wineries. Carlo, a writer/author/editor, is a bit of a kindred spirit because of his undying interest in and support for East Coast wine.

This Hudson-Chatham Winery 2006 Seyval Blanc ($11), is labeled under the New York AVA, but it's made from grapes grown in the Hudson Valley. Very pale yellow in the glass, the nose isn't overly expressive, but offers some sauvignon blanc-like aromas, including grapefruit, lemon and minerals. Seyval blanc often leads to lean wines, but I'd consider this one medium-light bodied. Tart bordering on sour, it's citrusy like the nose with an appealing wet-stone minerality. The finish is medium-long with a sour apple note that I didn't love. The nice acid backbone makes it taste very fresh and lively. It's very close to being really tasty, but that little bit of tartness that crosses over to sour keeps it in the category of summer sipper. Still, it's one of the better seyval blancs I've tasted.


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