Sunday, April 27, 2008


At the farm, there are finally signs of life. After winter and what is locally known as "mud season" we are finally seeing things green up - which is quite breath taking. The buds in the vineyard are finally starting to show sings of life. The green buds of the seyval blanc, and the pink and reddish buds of the Muscat and DeChaunac.

We're also seeing our small number of fruit trees begin to blosom, as well as seeing the raspberry and blueberry bushes begin to fatten up with flowers and green tender leaves.
The vines have been pruned and we've been clearing away the dead vines and detritis that builds up over a winter. Weeding is an important process this year. Dominique is busy in the vineyards.
The winery never seems to stop. We're bottling syrup and vinegar and new wines. Lot's to do.
Lots to do when the earth finally wakes up from it's frozen slumber.
And of course there's wine to be sold and drunk!


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