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We now feature at our tasting room, Raspberry Fine Ruby Chocolate Truffles from Vasilows Confectionary, Inc., of Hudson, NY. In small selections of 4-pieces and 8-pieces., these delectable truffles feature chocolate made with our Gold Medal-winning raspberry port-styled dessert wine. And the winery is the only place you can find them!

Vasilow's Confectionery specializes in fresh, small batches of chocolates, nuts, and confections made with the finest natural ingredients and chocolate available. In fact, it's the same chocolate brothers Louie and Jim used in 1923, when they opened their store and made available to the residents of upstate New York some of the finest candies ever created.

In 1969, after years of hard work, and countless hours spent over a copper kettle, which regularly reached temperatures of 325 degrees, the brothers reluctantly agreed that it was time to retire. When word circulated that Vasilow Bros. Confectionery was closing, many locals begged, pleaded, and threatened the brothers to go on "just a bit longer". Among those who protested most fervently was Louie's twelve-year old grandson.

Years passed, yet the memories of Vasilow's lived on for many. In 1999, someone decided to re-create those memories, fulfilling a life long dream. Remember Louie's grandson? Gambling that connoisseurs would still seek chocolates and confections prepared using the strictest of guidelines (the ones outlined by his ancestors), plans were drawn, papers were signed, equipment was purchased, and ingredients were sourced. The culmination of those efforts were realized in 2002, when Vasilow's Confectionery was reborn, much to the delight of "old-timers" and "first-timers" alike.

Two generations later, times may have changed, but their commitment to produce candy of superlative quality has not. Having had the privilege of observing true masters creating their finest offerings is a secret unto itself, and the endeavor to replicate the treasures crafted by them has been a tremendous undertaking, one which has not been taken lightly.

Their proprietary recipes, many from the original Vasilow Bros. book of formulations, combined with contemporary creations such as their signature truffles, have enabled them to preserve the art of "homemade" candy making, creating a taste-pleasing blend of old and new.

Since its inception eighty years ago, customers have always associated the Vasilow's name with excellence in quality confections. Although our location today is a few blocks away from the shop where Grandpa and Uncle Jim started it all, the commitment to provide their customers with the freshest, finest, and best tasting candy available remains unchanged.

Special thanks to Jim and Kate!

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