Monday, August 04, 2008

Two Families. Two Stories. One Farm.

A Family Farm is the story of the farm at 1900 Route 66. From the late 1930s to 1970 the land was known as the Brisklea Farm. Run by the nationally recognized breeder Ralph Cooley and his wife Dot, the farm helped set the standard for the Ayshire cow. Cooley was locally known for his syrup which he made from the late 1930s all the way into the 1990s. But the farm was eventually sold and broken up, and the Cooleys retired. More than 30 years later Carlo and Dominque DeVito restored it to a small, working family farm now known as the Hudson-Chatham Winery.
The film first screened at the Chatham Farm Film Festival 2008 is now available at the following url's in sequence for free at Vimeo.

25min 44 seconds
Produced and Directed by Carlo DeVito
Photography by Carlo DeVito, Ralph Cooley III, Dominique DeVito
Video by Carlo DeVito
Additional Video by Matt Weismantel and Dominique DeVito
Editing by Carlo DeVito and Dominique DeVito

Special thanks to Francis Zuccarello. Francis is an old friend and an exceptional commercial film editor who has edited such commercials as Gillette, Beyer, Macys, and many others. You can also watch Francis' moving tribute to his father, Anthony S. Zuccarello.

And have fun watching!


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