Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goold's Apple Festival and Crafts Show was the first festival we ever did last year. So this was our first return engagement. And it was quite a thrill.

The Goold Apple Fest is one of our favorites. The weather was great last year and this year. The Saturday crowds were awesome...friendly, thirsty, and personable. A great time.

Here's one happy festival goer talking about our Gewurztraminer!

This festival, the cavalry that we called in was an old college friend, Rich Srsich of Lowell, Massachusetts. Rich came with his traveling buddy Winslow. Here are pictures of Rich and Dawson (our son) and Winslow below. Rich is a professional salesman, and has worked in a number of cool companies. He did this just for fun. Call him crazy.

So we packed up the stationwagon and zoomed off the Goolds. It's the closest festival for us each year, and of course we were the last winery in. A late start after some confusion about where things were...table cloths, charge slips, etc. And then a wrong turn off I-90. Oooops!

And when the kids get to go, it's always a challenge. Because we need them to help us under the big wine tent, but there's also so much for kids to do. So we let Dawson loose fora little. He went and got a hamburger and came back with ketchup on his face. He also had fries. He wondered in the apple orchard (the photo up top is by Dawson) and he went to the corn maze. Here's his corn maze picture.

Rich did a great job selling. He was simply awesome. Here he is in action selling wine, and you can see the crowds.

Thanks again to the folks at Goold's for inviting us again this year (and putting up with the late appearance - sorry!) and thanks to Rich Srsich for helping out. Great job, dude!

(p.s. Rich is single and available)


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