Friday, October 02, 2009


Hudson-Chatham Winery is proud and pleased to announce its very own line of small, artisanal cheeses, available only at the Hudson-Chatham Winery.

New York state and the Hudson-Valley is especially well known for its tremendous high quality treasure trove of small-batch cheese artisans. What better way for you to tour the cheeses of the state, than through the Hudson-Chatham Winery, one of the best purveyors of Hudson Valley Cheeses in the Hudson Valley!

First and foremost is North Creek Tomme. The cheese is made by Doug Ginn of Twin Maple Farm, maker of Hudson Red. The cheese is a tomme cheese, which in Switzerland or France, is a generic name for a low fat, wash rind cheese. Mild and pleasant, the cheese is made right down the street from the winery's vineyards. We've named it for the stream that separates the two farms.

Then we have three Cheddars from central New York.

Jurassic Cheddar is the biggest and strongest of the three. A big, yellow, New York Cheddar, it's aged 7 years! A foodie's delight!

Then there is Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar that's been aged 5 to 6 years, and is a classic New York State white cheddar. What wine will you choose for this one?

And of course there's 100% Natural Maple Smoked Cheddar. This white New York Cheddar is mild in flavor, but smoked with a tremendous flavor! Wow!

Come on down and try our cheeses!


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