Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Nothing exciting happened last week except for the harvesting of more grapes and the making of more wine. Yeahhhhhh?

Of course that was fun. And hard work.

We bottled again in the morning, and were crushing my lunch and making wine until around 9:30 PM. In between we squeezed in another bus tour, and a very exciting and fun engagement party which was hosted in in our beautifully decorated tent.
Sarah and Laura worked hard, but also had fun driving around in the company golf cart - kids will be kids.

At one point the work stopped, and everyone had cold seltzer water and tuna fish heroes.

And for those who stayed for dinner, we did something a little different. Dominique made a tremendous and hardy beef stew, which had been simmering all day long, and tasted tremendously.

And then a reward. Three bottles of wine for those who worked the tastingroom and crush-pad with ardor.

First bottle - Cakebread 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon
Second Bottle - Cos'Estornel 1994
Third Bottle - 2005 Chassange-Montrachet (rouge)

It was an awesome evening, with everyone laughing and telling stories. Then the crush pad guys went back to work for another hour or so, led by winemaker Steve Casscles, and then we all went to bed and slept very well.


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