Thursday, July 29, 2010


We are both pleased and proud to announce two new blends created exclusively for Hudson-Chatham Winery by Strongtree Coffee of Hudson, New York.

Coco Mojo Espresso and Full City Roast are two robust, dark roast coffees now only available at Hudson-Chatham Winery. Coco Mojo Espresso is a Italian style dar roast coffee that makes an incredible, zesty espresso-style coffee. Full City Roast in a classic, flavorful dark roast blend, with a big, rich taste, that's the perfect morning cup of coffee. Flavorful and luxurious enough for cafe ole or iced latte'.

Strongtree is a family owned, quality driven organic coffee roaster located in historic Hudson, New York. They source 100% Certified Organic, premium lots of heirloom Arabica cultivars from master growers who practice responsible land stewardship. All of their coffees come from small farms and cooperative unions where the workers are valued, empowered and rewarded.
Strongtree guarantees clear traceability, sustainability and responsibility in our supply chain. Strongtree is Fair Trade Certified by TransFair USA and Rainforest Alliance
Certified. Strongtree follows the time honored, traditional methods of their craft to capture and enhance the true flavor of the coffee bean. Their focus is on YOUR great coffee experience through careful selection of premium beans, traditional small batch Probat roasting, hand packaging, advanced brewing technology and personalized service. By putting care into the entire process from seed to cup, they know you’ll taste a difference.
We value Strongtree's committment to quality and land stewardship, and are proud to have created these two delicious, rich coffees with them.

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