Friday, October 17, 2008


Why leave your fate up to trick-or-treat? This October, learn what’s really in your future.

The Hudson-Chatham Winery will host a Psychic Fair on Saturday, October 18, 2008 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Two psychics with years of experience will be at the winery to do tarot card readings. If you ever get that spooky feeling this time of year, why not follow up on your intuitions and let Linda or Christina reveal what’s really going on for you.

It’s an event not to be missed. For more information, call (518) 392-WINE or visit the website at


Linda Shields is a professional psychic and published author. She resides in Howell, NJ. She recently published a set of Angel Inspiration cards. It is available from Barnes & Noble and

Comforting Angel Affirmations Offer Advice & Encouragement
Angels are always around us, providing serenity and guidance whenever we call upon them. Now you can connect with the angels.
Use the heart-shaped affirmation deck in the morning or at night to assess your day's experiences. Select cards from the rectangular divination deck for mini-readings about the future. Read through the book for information about who the angels are, what they dom and their hierarchy.
This gift set includes: The Power of Angels, a 64-page, all-in-color book, as well as a heart-shaped affirmation deck and a rectangular divination deck, each with 52 beautifully illustrated cards.


At Psychic Readings By Christina we are dedicated to using our psychic ability to help people. Whether you want to know about your professional life or love life, we will give you the answers you need in order to make informed decisions in your life. Psychic Readings By Christina, located in Schenectady, New York, offers the following services:
Aura Photography
Aura Readings
Chakra Balancing
Cleansing Negativity
Create Positive Energy In Your Life
Crystal Readings
Entry Cleansing
Leave No Question Unanswered
Palm Reading
Psychic Life
Reunite Separate
Se Alba Espanol
Spiritual Psychic Aura Interpretation
Spiritual Psychic Vibration Aura Interpretation
Tarot Card Readings
We’re here to help you on your life’s path. Stop in today for your personalized, in-depth reading!


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