Friday, July 30, 2010

The nursery we planted three months ago has now blossomed. It's over run with green, verdant life. It is a tangle of wines and leaves, and shoots. From a mud patch lined with 4 x 4s to a monsterous, overgrown bed of plant life. It is magical to see.

Stage 1: Setting Up the Nursery
We photographered every step when we set up the nursery. At the end, it was a microcosm of setting up a vineyard - mud and sticks. Never very pretty.

Stage 2: Birth
OSme of the plants sprouted leaves and then small shoots. Someever sprouted tiny grape bunches, which were pinched off, so the plant could focus on growth instead of fruit production.

Stage 3: Growth!
Now it is a big tangle of vines and leaves. They are maturing plants with rooot systems and large green leaves. Healthy and robust, we want them to continue to grow and strengthen so that they will prvide root stock to plant in the vineyards next year. Part of this crop is set to replace other areas in the vineyard that have no produced so well. Others are slated for new vineyards.

More to come!


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