Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last Monday night, Steve C. showed up with three trucks full of grapes, and a cadre of friends an associates. Only problem was, it was after I had dinner and dessert. I was ready for the couch and some sleep.

Instead, we crushed grapes. Most notable of all the participants was a young man (pictured left, above) whose name was Ben, and who happened to be Steve's son.

Father and son worked and cajoled each other and the crowd. "You're dumping too much!" or "You're tipping them too fast!" which was answered by a fatherly shower of OK's and Yeah's. Ben helped direct the group when Steve was preoccupied, and always seemed to know what to do. It was remarkable for such a young man. Still, there was no denying it was the years learning at the feet of his father that was evident in all their interactions.

Almost as surprising was the fact that the cadre of friends that Steve had helping him on Columbus Day Monday, picking grapes and who helped him bring them over at the end of the day. They were very, very enthusiastic, and very gracious in their help. They were also energetic. It all happened so fast, and we all worked so hard, we were able to get everybody's names. (Sorry!)

Dominique and I, along with Steve and the crowd, worked until 9:30 Monday night. I mised part of the Giants game, which it turned out, wasn't such a bad thing. A loss to Cleveland. Awful!

Anyway, a sincere thank you to all those volunteered in the darkness to make wine deep into the night. Thank you, thank you.

Carlo and Dominique DeVito


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