Friday, October 26, 2012


See you this Saturday, 10-27-12, at the winery.....if you dare!

Hours are 12 to 5 pm.


We welcome you to our tasting room

On a Saturday with a nearly full moon.

If you're wondering what you'll find in there

Be prepared for a spooky scare.

Dress to frighten if you can

We'll reward you with a treat and a plan

To reveal to you dimensions unknown -

Should you sample the witch's brew 'ere you head home.

Come revel with us in the special fun

Of tasting wine in the "dungeon."

See the Hudson-Chatham Winery transformed

And make a date with our psychics to get paranormed.

It's all part of a special time

We welcome each year: It's Hallo-Wine.

Hudson-Chatham Winery Attends Governor's Wine, Beers, and Spirits Summit

Hudson-Chatham's co-owner, Carlo DeVito, was both pleased and proud to be invited attend and speak at the New York Wine, Beers, and Spirits Summit in Albany this past week. Carlo spoke briefly about pending bills he urged the Governor to push through, he urged the Governor to press for equal permit levels for sampling and selling for wineries, breweries, and distilleries, and other issues. Afterwards, Hudson-Chatham wines were poured at the Governor's mansion.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New York Post Raves About Hudson-Chatham Winery

5 perfect days in the Hudson Valley

From ballet to wine tasting, hiking to cheese eating, do it down by the river this fall

  • Last Updated: 11:48 PM, October 1, 2012
  • Posted: 3:26 PM, October 1, 2012
  • New York Post
#2 WINE + CHEESE + THE TACONIC Could the Hudson Valley ever end up giving Northern California a run for its money in the wine and food production department? Not really. But what the valley might lack in weather and output, it definitely makes up for in atmosphere. We’re truly not far off from parts of the region morphing into the likes of California’s Sonoma County — cute in some places, refreshingly workaday in others, but always pleasant and scenic and full of people who are escaping big cities nearby both as residents and visitors. Not that there’s no good wine or cheese, because there is. For best results, stay east of the river — start at Millbrook Winery, where the grounds and onsite café are half the fun ( Next, head over to Sprout Creek Farm, out on the east side of Poughkeepsie. This not-for-profit organization with years of experience specializes in raw cheeses of all ages and types; their aged, nutty Ouray is becoming a staple at parties and getting some nice national attention, too ( Next, head up the parkway to Columbia County, where it’s all about the Hudson-Chatham Winery, which even the biggest snobs will admit shows real promise ( Nearby, pop by the mothership of the no-introduction-needed Old Chatham Sheepherding Company; visitors are welcome to come say thanks to the sheep for those awesome cheeses that are available in nearly every good grocery store in the city these days. A small stand on property is a good place to stock up ( Don’t fill up on cheese, though — before you head home, you need to stop in for a civilized dinner at The Red Devon, tucked away in the wonderful little village of Bangall. Chef Sara Lukasiewicz has gotten great notices for her Valley-influenced menu (
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