Monday, November 10, 2008


It's the end of the 2008 Hudson-Chatham Winery World Tour 2008. We are exhausted. We started out long ago, and eight grueling events, and 30 weeks of three farmers markets a weekend, and we're wiped. But the show must go on.
As festival assignments go, this is easier and posher than most. The event is inside the beautiful Colonial-styled Desmond Hotel, so rain and water and mud are not a problem. And you can always go back to your hotel room to freshen up, provided you have a partner. Also, there's the Gala Dinner, Saturday night. Dominique was turned out beautifully in a black pants suit and shawl, however, I showed up i a beaten up brown sport coat, because I had left all my clothes at home, and I I had was that sports coat. However, I think I pulled it off.

The crowds were packed, the aisles full, and the wineglasses were at the ready. Because of inclement weather, Saturday was not as busy as some were hoping for, but the Sunday buyers were out in full force.

Products ranged from beef and lamb to cheese, ice cream, biscotti, pasta sauces, hot sauces, and many other food items. And they all went great with wine!

We tried to make a good showing.

We literarlly traveled thousands of miles, including a trip to the Finger Lakes, to the Bounty of the Hudson, the Windham Beer and Wine Fest, and so many others, all the way to the Goold's Apple Fest. We lugged hundreds of boxes, set-up and tore-down dozens of tables and stands. And it's been a ball meeting so many people around the state.

Thank you for making this a great first World Tour....and we look to coming back to your town in 2009!


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